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Ultimately, although this is fairly exploitational, such a rationale is the simplest and most common in modern works where twins enter into romantic or sexual relations deliberately and voluntarily. In this case, Red String of Fate and, as a whole, esoteric-religious motives such Reincarnation Romance can be used as a justification for obviously taboo relations.

It's also important not to make mistakes with other Brother Sister Incest couples, since, due to the popularity of this trope and the idea of a spiritual bond of twins, many "ordinary" couples between brother and sister can imitate many twincest cliché elements.

And of course, sometimes even Twincest isn't quite incestuous enough for the writers, and that's when you get Screw Yourself.

For Yuri Fans and Yaoi Fans who became fans at least partly because they see a forbidden appeal to such relationships, twincest supercharges that part of the appeal.

Though twincest is not necessarily homosexual—heterosexual Half-Identical Twins tend to have the highest rate of twincest.

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