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That feeling of lost nostalgia has nothing to do with empathy for or sympathy toward the architect of all this seemingly horrid behavior.

Cosby is hardly the first public figure whose private behavior has cast clouds over his persona and career; indeed, he’s merely the latest celebrity to reveal the perils of blind hero worship.

Yes, we enjoyed and celebrated them at the time, but the joy associated with watching then feels besmirched now.

When Armstrong’s cheating was exposed, New York Times sports columnist William C.

The court of public opinion has delivered its verdict, and those who would still argue about “innocent until proven guilty” at this point simply sound desperate to defend him.

Viewed that way, his storied career becomes another memory that can’t be summoned without considering the source, along with things like Michael Jackson songs and Roman Polanski films.

Inspired tour de force..." Kevin Thomas, LOS ANGELES TIMES."Hilarious screwball erotica." HOLLYWOOD REPORTER"Nothing short of stunning." VARIETY"It expands the possibilities of cinema." LA NEW TIMESTHE SADNESS OF SEX is a poignant comedy about love; the cycle of passion, romance, laughter, and seemingly inevitable, heart wrenching break-up.

Interweaving dream logic with everyday reality, it dives headfirst into the craziness and contradictions of sexual relations between men and women.

Joy’s (Brie Larson) painful recovery after their escape is both raw and stirring.As new details emerge from his extended deposition, the charges of hypocrisy alone would be damning – given his Jell-O-pitching image and lectures about personal responsibility – even without the alleged criminality, rendered moot only by the statute of limitations.Except for those who have chosen to circle the wagons around Cosby – which, for starters, requires ignoring the sheer tonnage of women who have come forward to accuse him – his work feels forever tarnished.Movie buffs, check out the 30 best new movies you need to see in 2017. Imagine you were hopelessly in love with arguably the most romantic romantic ever, but instead of having him read you postcoital sonnets 'til the end of time, you were bound for America with a snobby noble whom you .) Mandy Moore and Shane West are the couple from different sides of the tracks who totally fall in love until one of them dies. If you've ever owned a dog, loved a dog, honestly if you've even laid a hand on a dog in your lifetime, this tale of a mischievous Golden named Marley, and how he teaches Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson, and their growing family to love, will make you dampen a million Kleenex.

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These are just some of the topics that pop up in our most favorite sad movies. But when you have a trilogy-level emotional investment in Buzz, Woody, and the Potato Heads, and you think they're about to be incinerated, like, right now, you best believe there are tears straight rolling down your cheeks.

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