Secular worldview on dating and mating

It is one of several different movements that describe themselves as forms of Satanism. His ideas were heavily influenced by the ideas and writings of Friedrich Nietzsche and Ayn Rand. The Church grew under La Vey's leadership, with regional grottos being founded across the United States.

Practitioners do not believe that Satan literally exists and do not worship him.

The clock is intended to aid a witch in identifying themselves, subsequently aiding in utilizing the “attraction of opposites” to “spellbind” the witch's object of desire by assuming the opposite role. 1: Alternative Spiritualities, Sacralization, Popular Culture, and Occulture.

The Nine Satanic Statements are a set of nine assertions made by La Vey in the introductory chapters of The Satanic Bible.

In coming years, members of the Church left it to establish their own organisations, also following La Veyan Satanism, among them John Dewey Allee's First Church of Satan and Karla La Vey's First Satanic Church.

The religion's doctrines are codified in La Vey's book, The Satanic Bible.

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