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Go a PSI or two low and the larger sidewalls and added volume can wiggle, feel unstable in corners, and pinch-flat easily.

It works great and makes good sense, but the singularity (you can’t sub your old wheels) was a strike against it in some testers’ eyes.

With a DW-Link rear suspension that pedals admirably, incredibly refined cable routings and ports, and a graphics package that made testers swoon, this bike is possibly the most refined model I’ve ever seen from Pivot.

The Switchblade has 135mm of rear travel and an even bigger front end—150mm in 29 mode, 160mm for 27.5 .

There are two types of plus-size bikes today: those marketed solely around plus-wheels, and those intended to fit both 27.5 and 29.

Along with the Santa Cruz Tallboy, the carbon Switchblade was the best at morphing between sizes during this year’s bike test.

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“These are bikes for any rider who wants added confidence, a supple ride, and all-day performance.” The added traction, confidence, and compliance come from the larger rubber patch contacting the ground. For one, the bigger tires add weight and rolling resistance, which can make for a slower, heavier-feeling ride.

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