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Commonly treated issues include sex and disability, sex and chronic illness, abuse and neglect, cultural differences, reproductive anatomy, sex education, transgender and LGBTQ education, faith-based sex, and more.

At its most basic level, the objective of sex therapy is to help people make better sense of their lives as sexual beings, to improve communication about issues related to sex with their spouse or partner, to address disorders originating with sexual abuse or trauma, find solutions to behavioral problems, and to help people develop healthy, trusting sexual relationships.

They may also work in healthcare for hospitals or clinics that treat sexually abused or assaulted patients.

Sex therapy is an area of specialization with roots in clinical counseling, that is designed to provide compassionate assistance to couples and individuals experiencing sexual difficulties.

Sex therapy utilizes treatment methods that are common to the practice of counseling, psychotherapy, and talk therapy which means that some treatment options and counseling techniques may overlap with other specialized disciplines.

Many people have a false view of sex therapy, believing that a therapist is a coach the helps a couple toward “the finish line”, but that is a misconception.

Problems with intimacy and sexual difficulties often begin with underlying issues that originate outside the bedroom, so it is a sex therapist’s job to identify the root causes that affect sexual dysfunction.

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However, psychology roles are growing at a rate of 19 percent, which is much faster than average, and psychiatrists’ jobs are expected to grow at a rate of 15 percent.

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