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Beards are no exception and we've drawn up a handy guide straight from our favorite MLB examples You are a juggernaut.Whether erratic or dependable, manic or mute, a player with a full beard is a force to be reckoned with. You are a character in the clubhouse and need teammates, fans, and the media to know how fun and easy the game of baseball is to you.K.) and try to picture him without an epic Caucasian stache. If you don't want to look like someone who has to register with the websites people check before they buy houses, that means you either have rocked a stache since having a stache was legit (e.g. Otherwise you'll end up looking like Jason Giambi or Carl Pavano when they tried to bring the Caucasian Full-Mustache look back. I could go ahead and show you a picture of Fingers when his handlebar colluded perfectly with those ugly-ass yellow-green uniforms of the 1970s Oakland Athletics, or I could just show you this picture of Rollie Fingers' Hall of Fame plaque to show that no matter how wacky your facial hair may look, if you own it and own it for an entire Hall of Fame career, you're gonna be a boss.That's why this look gets a solid 9 if you were a player in the Tom Selleck Steve Prefontaine, Mark Spitz and Ron Burgundy generation. Normally a style only reserved for Civil War reenacting, this throw-back style brings us back to simpler times when gloves were for wussies, fielders went barefoot and the game was pure, unadulterated and accompanied with gambling, tobacco and apparently this type of face piece.What better way than a Hagrid-esque beard when you do a cartwheel out of the bullpen or photo-bomb the shit out of Erin Andrews. You play solid defense and stress contact not power. You're work ethic and preparation make up for your lack of elite athleticism.When you're not watching film, you're trimming your bristles to the proper length every morning.

You don't get a much more badass look with a properly full and trimmed goatee.

Looking more like a cast member of "Sons of Anarchy" rather than a major league baseball player, the wearer of this hair chin is often a late-inning reliever. For this trashy trend, we all thank you Jeff Bagwell. Because the truth is without a half-foot chin goatee with braids, you look more like a tax accountant than a dominating closer.

The goal is to scare the piss out of opposing batters, and apparently small children too, while busting down the bullpen door with 'Hells Bells' blaring in the stadium PA. And truthfully, you only have two sub-par pitches in your repertoire.

It's time to brazenly stand out in the office or at the summer softball league.

But as with other "man-tivities" such as tailgating, using power tools, or changing your car's oil, there's both a right and wrong way of doing it.

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