Managing and updating your bios

Version checking for Lenovo models has also been overhauled as the value obtained from does not always fall into a sequence that can be easily compared.So for Lenovo hardware we are now comparing the BIOS release date, which again works in conjunction with details contained within the package contents.So here is the first of which, the update being for Lenovo systems: As my current environment is virtually all Dell, I had to reach out to come members of the Config Mgr community to perform tests of modified scripts so I would like to thank The same process used in the original post linked at the top of this post is used, the process uses a web service and WMI queries in Power Shell to match available packages.To cater for Lenovo systems we have updated our BIOS Package Detection script so if you are already using this, please update the script.BIOS Package Detection Script (At least version 1.0.4): Mgr/Config Mgr/blob/master/Operating System Deployment/BIOS/Invoke-CMDownload BIOSPackage.ps1 In order to cater for Lenovo systems we have created an update script which looks at the content of the downloaded package and determines the update method to apply.This was required as Lenovo have two different methods using either their Win UPTP or Flash CMD utilities.Once a match has been found, the script sets a TS environment variable called “New BIOSAvailable” with a value of “True“.

As you can see there are 10 distinct product type values which should provide a match for this package, so during the Invoke-CMDownload BIOSPackage.ps1 stage we obtain a full list of packages which contain a match based on the first four digits of the value).

This is a follow up post continuing from the Modern BIOS Management post in June ( which focused on Dell hardware.

Following the post we had numerous requests to apply the same logic for other manufacturers.

Hardware timestamping or a hardware reference clock may improve accuracy between two machines synchronized to a sub-microsecond level.

should be preferred for all systems except for the systems that are managed or monitored by tools that do not support chrony, or the systems that have a hardware reference clock which cannot be used with chrony.

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In 2015 Nickolaj was awarded as Power Shell Hero by the community for his script and tools contributions.

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