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- Neolithic Revolution The shift from the Neolithic Age to the Agriculture Revolution came with many changes as humans had to adjust to new jobs and tools.Market economies evolved and created a new order of living for most of humanity.Many water pots and ceramic figures were found in the ruins of Neolithic society plots of earth.People of Neolithic times made many artifacts that were symbolic of their ways of life and culture such as water pots, fish, hunting and medical objects....The Neolithic was a period during which humans started to abandon hunting and gathering. The development of agriculture led to technological advances. What caused human beings to focus on agriculture as the main source of food supply. Most commonly their diets consisted of tubers and other root vegetables, nuts, fruits, vegetables, berries, insects and a small amount of meat.

The Paleolithic and Neolithic stone ages have many great differences and has changed greatly between the two periods.[tags: World History] - Paleolithic and Neolithic Cultures The Paleolithic "Old Stone" era began in about 40,000 - 10,000 B. The beginning of this period was marked by the first human hunter-gatherer societies.Hunting, fishing, and gathering of fruits and nuts were the main economic endeavors at the time.The responsibilities in these hunter-gathering societies were shared.The men of this period did the very dangerous hunting of large wild animals like bison and reindeer, while women gatherer fruits and nuts for an entire year....

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