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My boss confronted me because he had seen two pictures of me on social media (Facebook) watching the eclipse in a town hours away from the city we live in, with a beer in my hand. I’m afraid this will follow me if I get another job in the same industry.

He fired me after I admitted I had lied about being sick. My boss said they would not give me a reference and would tell anyone who called I am not eligable for rehire. Say that you recognize your mistake, you’re embarrassed by your behavior, and you’re grateful that you learned this lesson early in your career, and apologize for squandering the investment they’d made in you.

I feel it’s a double standard, and I’m not sure what to do at this point.You were only there for two months, so it’s not going to strengthen your candidacy in any real way, and including it will only raise questions.Just leave it off, don’t include them on your reference list, and move forward.This wouldn’t be a problem if people would actually remember that they have to cover me.I send out an email every morning to the lucky coworker of the day, but this doesn’t always help. I have to do things just like they do, go to the bathroom, make an occasional personal call. I’ve talked to my supervisor about it on more than one occasion, and was told I was being difficult and hard to get along with because of this.

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I was able to go on the weekend since my job is only Monday to Friday, but I also wanted to see the eclipse with my friends.

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