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At the moment I do not have a project website, but I do have a blog where I am willing and have already put a link. I am a Ph D student working on research regarding the effects of Chinese culture on manufacturing quality and reliablility. Email is the most efficient way of getting responses.I forgot to mention that the department is only a graduate department. The results of the survey are going to inform the interview participant sample selection and construction of the interview protocol. This survey is for a group project for an Introduction to Research Methods class.The students will do a semester project in which they create an assessment instrument. International Sales Management Research Project based on Atribution Theory. We are assessing undergraduate's self-perception of their capacity to do wrong or evil things.For example, last year one student created a survey about alcohol use. Project will include min 5 countries with 4 different language questionnaires of the same content. It is a self-report questionnaire rated on a 5-point Likert scale.Not only can you create wallpapers at any size with Canva, but you can access them on any computer, so you can tweak your wallpaper to look .And with Canva’s i OS and Android apps—available for free on the App Store and Google Play—you can even keep designing from your mobile devices. When you share your wallpapers with Canva, check the “Share/email as an editable design” to let your friends edit, remix, and share your wallpapers.

Faça upload das suas fotos ou use uma das opções da nossa coleção de mais de 1 milhão de fotos e imagens.Cansou das montanhas verdes da Microsoft e da galáxia da Apple?Personalize o fundo de tela do seu computador com o Canva!Human Research Review approval has been obtained through the Wheaton College Department of Psychology. The objective of this research project is the occurence of disordered eating in the military.Providing a confidential survey is of great importance.

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The purpose of the survey is to determine the correlations (if any) between a student's background and his or her chosen field of study at the School of Information. Survey of directors of psychology training clinics to understand and communicate trends in applied practicum training in clinical, counseling, and school psychology doctoral programs in the United States and Canada. I am conducting research on the prevalence of employee theft within retail stores.

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