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She was greeted with a manly smell not unlike a bunkhouse. He opened the door at the rear and stepped back for her to enter first. She looked up and made a gesture that she wanted to be kissed. She pressed her tits against him, hoping that that would stimulate him. Giving him a slap on the haunches, she watched him gallop out to the pasture. For now, she would have to be satisfied with white boys. Her hand slowly moved to her cunt and began to massage her clit. She entered the saddle shop and was greeted by that smell of tanned leather. She flipped the window sign from CLOSED to OPEN and waited for her first customer. She removed the saddle and bridle and sprayed water over Diablo's back and combed him down. The warm clear water felt good against her 33C breasts. Working around a ranch, running 10 K's, and honest work as the owner of a saddle shop made her fit. She imagined them closing around a black cock and sending its owner into never-never land. "I know how to suck cock." The ride into town in her Chevy pickup was bumpy but short. The cool prairie air made her feel good this morning. She stopped to open the corral and led him inside the barn and to a water trough. Her boyfriend, Beau, was a miserable pencil-dick urban cowboy. He just doesn't excite me, Laura." "I know what you mean. Pat was wearing red camisole under a black leather vest that exposed the inside of her breasts. "No, but I expect to real soon," Laura said confidently. Beau just isn't getting it done for me, Laura." "Oh, I'm so sorry it's not working out." "It's not that it is not working out. Her black, low riding micro-mini flared out showing a black lacy petticoat underneath.

Her saliva was pouring over her lower lip and onto her hand. She kept her eyes on his face as she sank down to her knees. It was a scent that she had not experience in a very long time. "I go to the university," he said and launched into a long dribbled about calculus. I got to go pee," Pat said and hurried to the restroom. Then she wondered how she was going to get away from him. He was coming out of the men's room at the same time, and he was black! He was wearing so-so boots, old faded jeans, and a black western style shirt. She handed it back, letting her hand lightly touch his black hand.

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Laura ordered a shot of straight tequila at the bar. She offered her hand, and he led her to the dance floor.

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