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"The result from the metacarpal hand bone is clearly consistent with someone who lived in the early first century AD," He added: "Whether that person is John the Baptist is a question that we cannot yet definitely answer and probably never will." Dr Hannes Schroeder, from the University of Copenhagen, added: “Of course, this does not prove that these were the remains of John the Baptist but nor does it refute that theory.” Bulgarian archaeologists had found a small box made of hardened volcanic ash close to the sarcophagus.The box bore inscriptions in ancient Greek that referred to John the Baptist and the date that Christians celebrate his birth, June 24.The region is so desolate that one early explorer described it as a land of 'Dead Fire'.The discovery of the burials could help to shed light on the history of human occupation of the area over the course of millennia, as well as the conditions they faced.Für Sie als Anleger ist My Market der perfekte Börsenkompass.Stellen Sie Ihre eigene My Market-Seite aus 15 Informationsmodulen zusammen.While these findings do not offer conclusive evidence, they also don't refute the theory first proffered by the Bulgarian archaeologists who found the remains while excavating under an ancient church on the island.Many sites around the world claim to hold relics of the saint, including the Grand Mosque in Damascus which says it has his head.

John the Baptist: The relics found in a small marble sarcophagus two years ago on a Bulgarian island called Sveti Ivan, which translates as Saint John, also included a human tooth, part of a skull and three animal bones On Thursday, the team announced they have provided scientific evidence to support the extraordinary claim.The findings are to be presented in a documentary to be aired on The National Geographic channel in Britain on Sunday.Scientists from the University of Copenhagen analysed the DNA of the bones, finding they came from a single individual, probably a man, from a family in the modern-day Middle East, where John would have lived.The researchers speculate that climate change could be a possible reason.One other theory is that people were still living in the region, but the evidence of their presence is yet to be discovered.

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