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The official line was that he had been the victim of a hoax perpetrated by a computer hacker.And there the matter rested – just another bizarre showbusiness tale that never was. For a start, Gigi does exist and is linked to Morrison in many ways.Although she had a roadie for a boyfriend, friends say that the love of her life was her Yorkshire terrier, Aly.Gigi claimed that, in the summer of 1998, Rosy invited her to the christening of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall’s son Gabriel.‘She told me that while she was in London, she met Van at a party at Ronnie Wood’s place,’ said Carla.‘She sounded very excited. In fact, I didn’t know he had a wife until this week, when the story broke about how he was claiming it wasn’t his baby.

I will do.’ Earlier, two women who claimed to work for Gigi answered the door of her house. You just want to clear things up.’Asked how ‘the baby, George’ was doing, the first woman said: ‘He’s fine.’Until Gigi’s pregnancy, Carla admits that little seemed to change in her friend’s life, except for the mysterious travelling.The paternity of her child can be settled beyond doubt only by a test.Meanwhile, Gigi, who is a friend of Jerry Hall’s sister Rosy, appears to have been happy to promote the idea that Morrison is the father.The friends also appear to have corresponded about Gigi’s new house, a £300,000, three-bedroom, three-bathroom mini-mansion which she recently purchased in an upwardly-mobile Dallas development.Its small front garden is dominated by a concrete fountain and it has a games room and a swimming pool.

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